Queenstown-Lakes District Chamber of Commerce & Industry Incorporated - Membership Terms and Conditions

Members are bound by the Queenstown-Lakes District Chamber of Commerce & Industry Incorporated (ChamberConstitution and Rules (Constitution) and the following terms:

  • Acceptance: The Chamber Board reserves the right to accept or decline any membership application.
  • Subscription Term: Once a membership is accepted, the membership is valid for one year from the date of issue and will automatically renew each 12-month period. A member that resigns its membership will remain liable for any annual subscription payable including for those whose membership subscriptions are split over quarterly payments.
  • Subscription Fees: The annual subscription payable by every member is set by the Chamber Board annually. The subscription payable by each member is based on that member’s total staff numbers.
  • Payment: Membership subscriptions are paid in advance and are due on the month of joining. Subsequent annual membership subscriptions are payable by the 20thof the month following each anniversary of membership or each quarter (as is applicable). If any member’s subscription remains unpaid for three calendar months after it has become payable, membership may be cancelled by the Chamber Board.
  • Cancellation: Membership resignations can be given in writing to the Chamber Board at any time but must be given within four weeks of the annual anniversary date to avoid being liable for subscriptions for that year. Members may be liable for any costs incurred by the Chamber in recovering payment of outstanding accounts.
  • Member Benefits: Membership entitles the member to the members benefits. The members benefits may be amended by the Chamber from time to time.
  • Conduct: Members agree to conduct themselves professionally and in the best interest of the business community for the duration of the membership. The Chamber Board reserves the right revoke the membership of any member whose conduct or behaviour is deemed by the Chamber Board to be injurious to the interest or reputation of the Chamber and its members.
  • No personal benefit: No member or person associated with a member shall derive any income, benefit or advance from the Chamber where they can materially influence the payment of the income, benefit or advantage , except where that income, benefit or advantage is derived from professional services to the Chamber renders in the course of business charged at no greater rate than current market rates.
  • Members staff, employees and agents: A member shall ensure its staff employees and agents that benefit from its membership are made aware of and abide by the Constitution and these Terms.
  • Liability: The Chamber shall not be liable (whether in contract, tort (including negligence), equity or otherwise) for:
    • any losses suffered by a member as a result of using services offered by a fellow member; or
    • advice given or services provided by its third-party service providers even though such providers may have been introduced to the member by the Chamber; or
    • any failure to provide any members benefits caused by an event beyond the Chambers’ reasonable control.
  • Disclosure of Information: Members authorise:
  • the publication of its business name, physical address, phone, website and business description on the Chamber’s publicly available website directory (unless agreed otherwise); and
  • the disclosure of its contact details to the Chamber’sAlliance Partners (as amended from time to time) in order to receive exclusive savings and offers.
  • Privacy: All personal information will be collected, used, disclosed and stored by the Chamber in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 and the Chamber’s Privacy Statement.
  • No assignment: A member cannot directly or indirectly transfer or assign its rights, interests or obligations as member under this Agreement without the Chamber’s prior written consent, which will not be unreasonably withheld.
  • Amendment: The Chamber may make reasonable amendments to these Terms and any changes will apply to existing members from one month after the updated Terms have been published on the Chamber’s website.
  • No wavier: No failure or delay by a party in insisting on the strict performance of these Terms or to exercise any right under these Terms will operate as a waiver of those matters. A waiver will not be effective unless it is in writing. A waiver of any breach will not be a waiver of any other breach.

Payment Method:

We will invoice you based on the contact information you have provided.

If you have any questions, please email